"What impressed me most about the reading Rochette did for me was the accuracy with which she described people in my life, both those still here and those who have already passed, people who she's never met. Rochette described my friend Barb to a T and described where I plan to retire. Rochette has a very special gift which she shares so beautifully."-Mary E./Syracuse, NY


"Your reading was very gentle, accurate and evocative in a way that is at once non-threatening and sharp. Your style is very good and complete, including before and after prayer which I like very much. I would not hesitate to recommend to people your readings."-Skye/Martha's Vineyard, MA


"Rochette has provided intuitive insight for my personal journey that is compelling and in tune with my questions as I ask them. Her style is not unlike a story teller, building the visual images in a tableau format, allowing me to access as much or as little meaning as I am ready to receive. To sit with Rochette is like listening to a bedtime story from a favorite person in your life-its rich, lyrical and uniquely personal information invited me to open the door to my own questions and allow the beautiful messages of both love and guidance come forward. I wholly recommend Rochette for her gifts, her loving intention for your healing and path and her integrity, which is of the highest nature."-Mary S./Tully, NY


"Rochette's special reading came in the form of images and storytelling, almost dreamlike sequences which I found very helpful in understanding my life questions of the moment. I enjoy the analysis of dreams and images so it was natural for me to accept and treasure the images that came to Rochette in regard to my life. I found Rochette to be very warm, kind and generous of spirit. If you are the kind of person who is interested in intuition, in tarot, in storytelling and things of that nature then I highly recommend a reading with Rochette. She is a kind, wise lady with a lot to give through her gift of intuition. I have been involved in the Human Potential Movement from an early age (15 y.o.) at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA and, indeed, all of my adult life. I can, as one might say, sift the wheat from the chaff. Rochette is for real."-Monica M./Oak Bluffs, MA


"Rochette's readings are as kind and gentle as she is. She helps you find your way in a positive and reassuring way. I highly recommend her."-Tula G./Syracuse, NY


"I had a session with Rochette and I was very pleased with the results. I had some issues in the past with my mom and she hit on feelings I had repressed and not dealt with. Her message to me was definitely from spirit as Rochette knew nothing about what I was going through. Very peaceful afterward."-Mary M./Tully, NY


"Rochette's words paint such vivid, clear images and provide so much energy, guidance and purpose... one walks away motivated with fresh perspectives to integrate into their daily living. How fortunate I am to be on the receiving end of her gifted insights and messages."-Mariesa D./Cicero, NY


"My phone reading was powerful and emotional yet I was immediately put at ease by Rochette's soothing manner and visual imagery felt through her words... especially her ability to channel images and details of family members of mine long since departed."-Tony P./Baldwinsville, NY


"Rochette's gifts are truly amazing, with accurate detail and insight. Her intuitive knowing fills one's soul with a beautiful faith that the Universe is whispering in her ear!"-Diane S./Oneida, NY


"Rochette has a keen sense of intuitive and spiritual sight paired with a sensitive and kind nature."-Jacqueline T./Syracuse, NY


"Rochette has a naturally beautiful connection to Spirit. Her compassion and strength shines through when she "reads." Rochette brings her abilities to the table with a purity of heart in mind, body and spirit. She's a true gift to us all. Rochette connects in a pure and concise way. Her empathetic abilities and accuracy in which she sees will surely amaze and leave you feeling love and light."-Michele L./Liverpool, NY


"Rochette is an amazing intuit... her messages are dead on. She comes up with things and people just stop and look at her and say thank you. She is very gentle with her words and she has a very peaceful way of presenting her messages. She blesses all of us when she enters a room with her knowing and the messages she gives."-LuAnn N./Liverpool, NY


"Rochette's natural gifts to bring forth messages from Spirit, combined with her deep commitment to her own personal growth, allow her to guide her clients with clarity and insight. As she holds a space of healing and love Rochette's clients are given an opportunity to transform their lives with grace and ease."-Sheila Applegate/Lafayette, NY


"My reading with Rochette Withers was the first of its kind that I've ever received and it was well worth it. She read into parts of myself that I knew were there but didn't know how to identify or express. She revealed details about my imminent path that closely aligned with my goals and desires. It gave me confidence that I've chosen this path and comfort that I'm doing the right things. I feel so blessed to be in the presence of a sure and clear conduit to divine energy. I can't wait for my next reading!"-Sekou Cooke/Syracuse, NY