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I offer Vibrational Healing and Intuitive Readings for individuals and animals as a clairvaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, primarily. That is to say, I receive messages by hearing sounds, seeing visions and feeling sensations as an Empath.  Spiritual energy shows up for me in the form of the essence of those around us physically, those that have passed, and from a myriad of enlightened beings; including Spiritual Guides, Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters.  I create a positive and welcoming environment for messages to be given in the highest form and for the highest good of all involved and proceed with trust, peace and surrender to the blessing of what is meant to be shared and what the recipient is ready to receive.

I was initially trained by Sheila Applegate (MSW/Consciousness Consultant) in her Launching and Soaring programs for my own personal growth and fulfillment. By the end of that year of preparation, with prayer and meditation for guidance, it became clear to me that the purpose for this God-given gift of understanding and ability was to share it with others. To that end, I expanded my training through private Reiki instruction again with Sheila Applegate. Animal Communication training came next with Janet Ridgeway, (MFA, Animal Communicator, Shaman) offering service to animals as an extension of faith in our Oneness. Study continued and broadened to include Vibrational Healing modalities introduced to me by Patti Conklin, (PhD/Medical Intuitive and Vibrational Mediator.) In May, 2015 I became a Certified Associate of the Conklin Method of Cellular Cleansing, ColorWorks, ToneWorks and Healing Pools. To accommodate a full-time schedule, I have offices at Dr. Rob Kiltz's CNY Healing Arts at 191 Intrepid Lane in Syracuse, NY.

My history is comprised of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY.  My greatest source of pride and joy is as Mom to three beautiful souls; John Raine, Sophia and James. My mission as a Vibrational Healer and Spiritual Medium is to serve those for the good of this world and the next in co-creation of our Heaven on Earth with love for ourselves, each other and our Creator.














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