As a Vibrational Healer, the methods I employ offer clients the opportunity to alter vibrational frequency within the body at the cellular level. This shift begins with the basic understanding that every thought, word and emotion we experience has a vibration. These vibrations are stored in our cells, regardless of whether those experiences are beneficial to our wellness or not. Stored experiences that are detrimental to us become energy blockages, causing discomfort, illness or disease. Vibrational Healing shifts the frequency of the cells, thus shifting their behavior and releasing energy blockages, returning to a natural flow. Guided Meditations using neutralization techniques, color, sound and imagery facilitate vibrational shifts. Through the Conklin method of Cellular Cleansing (neutralizing cell memory), ColorWorks (color), ToneWorks (sound) and Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Healing Pools (imagery), clients heal themselves from within while working in conjunction with Western Medicine.


As a Spiritual Medium, I use a combination of a developed intuitive sense and a strong belief in the value of Spirit's gifts of guidance, support and expansion for our daily lives. Spiritual Readings provide a bridge for the individual to connect with benevolent Guides and beloved family, friends and animals to gain understanding of their past, clarity of their present and direction for their future. I offer my services as an instrument for the message with complete surrender to the blessings of intuition and an abiding faith that Spirit is happy to help us and eager to encourage us as we remember who we truly are.

Rochette Withers

Vibrational Healer and Spiritual Medium

Guided Meditations and Spiritual Readings 

Areas covered include:


Physical and Emotional Health and Wellness



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

Identifying and Releasing Blocks to Living Fully

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Connecting with loved ones, living and deceased

                               ... and more!

Intuitive Readings are conducted in person at my office or over the phone to anywhere around the world; inquire for details.
Please note: Vibrational Healing and Intuitive Readings are for personal growth and fulfillment purposes only,
not to be construed as prescriptive or diagnostic.
See your doctor or other health
care practitioner for all ailments, disease or injury.
The obligation of client confidentiality is honored and absolute.

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